Message from a friend and mentor

"Hi Peter,

I was so happy to hear , rather it was your voice that made me happy. The first note sent me back to the good old days when we were hanging out , rehearsing ,recording and giging. I have listened to your cd 3 times so far and, of course , it is necessary in order to hear the subtleties and surprises. I have noticed that your transcribing of solos has made the blues a serious contribution to the project. # 5 put me in a peaceful Temple . You sound like you come from various parts of the U.S. - not an easy thing to do. It was heartwarming to hear Body and Soul , it was my first ballad when i was 15years old....In this epoch of such uncertainty your letter and music ( especially the beauty and joy in your voice) is a great message of hope."

Tony just released his new CD "Collage", a masterwork containing incredible woodwind versatility, arranging and compositional themes along with distinctive improvisation skills that make my 90 year old friend one of my all time musical heroes!


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