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By: Peter Queal

Now I’ve got to get you on my side

I  don’t mean to pry

But I won’t be satisfied

‘till I  look deep inside your eyes

Take a glance my way and you will see

What you mean to me 

I’m not askin’ for nothin’ free

And I just can’t let you be tonight


Tonight while we are close enough to love

I know it’s you because

A fire burns inside

I’ve got to say 

This love won’t hide

This love won’t hide

Now that it’s a simple thing to see

Don’t you back away from me

‘cause I’m sure that you agree

And let’s just set it free tonight



By: Peter Queal

There's a wonderful town by the ocean in Brazil

In the middle of Bahia where the sun shines bright

To the spirits delight

And the waves roll in from mother Africa

Bringing good irations for the surfers to glide on an endless ride

And the water's flow, two rivers to the sea

There's a masterpiece of color

In a tide-pools swirl, enchanting me

And as evening comes

These feelings we will share

We'll dance a little closer

Now that Iri‑ites are everywhere

In a beautiful paradise where

Life is slow

Wild fruits grow

You'll soon know feelings

Not known before

You'll want to know

There's so much more

We came to stay it’s todo 


Itacare sky will reach inside your mind

With a subtle quiet rhythm

Now you know it's there all the time

As you catch this groove

Your body starts to move

Close your eyes and drift into

The shadows from an ancient moon

In a beautiful paradise where

Lover's meet, smiling sweet, so complete

Knowing we all are one

Inside this flow

Let's let it go 

This time, this day 

Right here in 




By: Peter Queal

Taking time to understand

reading of your passion’s plan

sacrifice to lift the hearts of others

driven by a will to tell your deep emotions


Words that touch the simple side 

feelings that you cannot hide

how your spirit seeks the strong devotion 

stories of a life that’s seen such changes coming here to 


Lift us to a star that’s glowing 

always clear, the joy that’s flowing

you came here to bring this bright light, a high light

I’ll sing and dance with angels in the night

 Here I am you lovely angel, you flew into my room

settled on my bedpost, glowing

and sang a gentle tune...

This is what you bring to me

vision of eternity

I’ve been free since I first saw your beauty

in the colored light you wear to sing your heart’s delight

So here I am with love and spirit 

singing loud so you can hear it

you came here to bring this show time, a high light

I’ll sing and dance with angels in the night



By: Peter Queal

You need never doubt the heart of the one 

raised on the open range

Fire from eyes on a path deep in the night

going to everywhere

Cool breath of the earth flows, and sparks imagination

Where all that’s alive goes

Reach for leather and iron with powerful hands

sure as flowing rivers

Rope and tie up the load, never a trace 

left for the ones who follow

Meadows, mountains pure

Clear crisp colors, look around and you’re

Living this fascination 

Joy is living’s art 

Full of the sensation

Warm Country Heart

Deep Country Heart

Know where it comes from

Pure Country heart

Now’s the time to be free, free is a heart

Beating inside the moment 

Stone, sage and sand, this is the land

Sun, wind and rain keep changing

Taking in the view

Pulse of earth here, magical to you

Living this fascination 

Joy is living’s art 

Full of the sensation

Warm Country Heart

Deep Country Heart

Know where it’s going

Pure Country heart  

Living this fascination 

Joy is living’s art 

Full of the sensation

Warm Country Heart    

Deep Country Heart

Know that it is 

Pure Country Heart



By: Peter Queal

The only thing I need is some fresh air to breathe 

I’m tired of smellin’ smog

I know it once was pure, before we burned the fires 

That power man’s machines

Oh we claimed, drilled and mined

All the land of earth

Endless earth

Now we have it all

All but what is pure 

All but what we need

I know the Indians were right

There’s so much more to see on a dark night

And I don’t want to buy no electric or gas fired

Poison light

Another thing I want is something I can’t seem to have

A clean clear drink of water

It rains through dirty air and streams thru dirty buildings

That make it taste like hell

Now what can one guy do 

To make this earth a safe place

‘cause it’s my only place

well it’s your place too

To live love and enjoy

Help earth live

Help earth live

I know the Indians were right

At peace with the fireflies and starlight

And it’s such a good feeling to know there are people

Who once did it right

Who once did it right

Help earth live

Help earth live



By: Peter Queal

It's fine, fine weather, beautiful to walk around

I'll find myself a simple place 

where nature sings her subtle sound

Every time I feel this way 

I learn some more about myself

The solitary's good for me

When I put the rat‑race on the shelf

I'm gonna spread it everywhere

the earth gives of itself to share

in this world each place I go 

I'll sing these words to let you know

You’ve got to let your feelings show

You’ve got to let your feelings show

I’m gonna take the time and go 

See the splendid show

I’ll take the time to go

And step by step I'll take myself

as far as I can see 

Beyond this pre‑fabricated world

Get myself a little free

I'll close my eyes and fantasize

What if we all felt this way

Next time will you come with me

We'll dance into eternity

Sharing what belongs to all

Hearing natures beacon call

Mountains, sky and sea alive

See to it that they survive

Get that righteous feel unfurled

People choose to love the world    

We've got to let the madness go 

We've got to let the madness go

Now, get into the flow 

Take a little time to know how to 

Get into the flow

And step by step you’ll take yourself

as far as you can go 

Beyond this pre‑fabricated world

Get yourself a little soul

Close your eyes and fantasize

What if we all felt this way



I need you like I need rain 

and rain, it falls, and then it flows

away just like my lover goes

If you know just what will be, 

A vision you could share with me

Your crystal ball could help me see

Why love is here and then it's gone, 

I feel so real and then so wrong

Your tempting lips could sink big ships, 

this captain's 'bout to drown

I love anyway, will love anyway, have loved every way.

I love anyway, will love anyway, have loved every way.

Tell you what, I'll sing new lines 

of sparkling smiles and super times

The deepest love is still to come

It's hard to think our thing is done

I really feel you're still the one so

Touch and go some time will show if 

Hearts are hi or hearts are low,

Just one more kiss before I go   

I'll close my eyes and rest my soul

This burning urge I can't control

I love anyway, will love anyway, have loved every way.

I love anyway, will love anyway, have loved every way.

I need you like I need rain 

and rain, it comes, 

and then it goes 

away just like the crystal shows, 




By: Peter Queal

I need your love, gift from above 

Will you be mine, for all time

You give love that I’ve needed for so long

And your love’s never done me wrong

No, your love’s never done me wrong

Say you will stay, need me each day

We’ll let it show, our love will grow

With the sun in the evening we’ll lie down

We’ll be warm when there’s cold around

Share the joy that our passion’s found

We’ve found a love honest and strong

You fill my heart, sure is my song

All we have, all we give, all we share

Look to you and I’ll find it there

Look to you and I’ll find it there



By: Peter Queal

I stopped to check the slant of your eye

And the touch to my forehead 

Shivered and stopped the tension

Inside me, Inside me

Other moments were that way

They tend to make a solid feeling fray

And the way I pass them off 

Assures me that I’ll feel them again


Can you see where you leave me

If it’s in your heart relieve me

Can you see where you leave me

You leave me blind

I can dry my tears with hopes and dreams

And change the gray to color schemes

That sooth the tension

Inside me, Inside me

Drive my car to frisco bay

And encourage the sun to warm the cold away

I’ll touch the fine light sand

It all just helps remind me who I am

Pardon me for thinking this

But would you please remove my name from 

Page one of your hit list, your hit list

I always feel so helpless here

But time and time again I’ve got to have you near

You’re just the girl for me

That’s obviously difficult to see

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 8.07.50 PM.png


By: Peter Queal

You had come with a friend I'd hoped to know a bit about

But you were the prize worth seeking, soon I figured,

This chance I will take. I'm sure, make or break

Talked, danced, and laughed a lot

Were your feelings deep as mine

Seemed so, feel the flow, nice and slow

Got a number, soon We’ll know

Sunny morning to the city on your doorstep, welcomed in

Scent and colors nicely placed we talked of biking in Marin

Mountain sight, cool whim, air and light

Wheels spin through green leaf tunnels 

Brooks and hillsides, downhill coast, take a rest

Make a toast, mango fest, kissing close


First we met our eyes a-glow with promises to go on

Playful passing of our time with passions mounting

We find what we need

Smiles shine

We believe

Next I know it all just stops

No explanation

You’re gone

No word

What’s wrong

I fell 

Much too hard

Sad song

Golden sunlight in my eyes the warmest feeling fills me

Kids are playing all around, the simple pleasures I can see

Make me free

Hope you 

Love me

Now I give this gift to you

And realize 

It can be 

Real fine

Oh my

So fine

But not 

This time



By: Peter Queal


es somony daeyou go   (4x)

I walk the earth, big blue sky

There you are, drifting by

Sudden soft, not for long

No control, you are everywhere

You face away, but you call

With your form, and a windy sigh

Spreading light, crystal beams

Dripping sun from your misty high

Shape of life, silver glow

Form again, It’s a dancing show

Touch a heart, tempt a soul

You’re taking me and I dare to go



By: Peter Queal

If you talkin 'bout my baby, 

please stop talkin 'bout my lady now (2x)

Find someone else instead

Or you'll be better off dead

Get your kicks somewhere else

Stay off of my shelf

Find another place to play

She'll never love you anyway

She teases you but she loves me

Please don't take a long time 

To find that the lovely one is mine (2x)

Grab your cigarettes and run

The smoke you're blowin’ ain't no fun

If she casts an eye your way 

Be careful of the things you say

cause I'm standin' here across the bar

and I own the keys to her heart

She teases you but she loves me

She won't even think to take a drink

'cause she's got it all right here

Or a light of her smoke it's just a joke

I'm her substitute for drugs and beer

Watch her glide across the floor

You best have left your wrap at the door

There are several other beauties here 

Almost as sweet, fine and dear

Can't you see this dance is mine?

Watch us tango, watch us bump and grind

Cheek to cheek to cheek to cheek

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 6.59.44 PM.png


By: Peter Queal

Light the fire, close your eyes

Warm with light, time is right tonight

Lifting higher, flames that rise

Touch to feel, touch the real tonight

Inside, Inside, Inside, Inside


Sight to sight, insight

Touch to touch, in touch

Side to side

Inside, can’t hide

Inside, free ride

Can’t hide inside

All pride free ride

Just can’t see, you and me

Lonely now, lonely how tonight

Inside, Inside, Inside, Inside

Highest flames in the fire

Touch to feel, touch the real tonight

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 7.08.30 PM.png


By: Peter Queal

I like roses, I like flowers of any kind

I'll take diamonds, yellow gold just blows my mind

I love music, sing it clear, soft and low

Feeling motion, strong, smooth and slow


Come on over here and play a song for me

'cause it's the right way Yeah, it's the right way to be

Tell me stories, tales of you and me in love

Take a notion, feel the power from above

Watch me close my eyes, sip a brandy through a straw

Come and take me away, real, real far

Have you seen me sittin' here without a friend

Take the message from the paper I just sent

Can I go with you when you leave for the night?

Will you take me from the nightclub light?

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By: Peter Queal

 I had to sit and gather thoughts of you

You left my heart without a single thing to do 

I’ve tried to occupy myself with things that really matter 

But the opportunities are just too few

In your penthouse apartment with the lights down low

I can’t help but see your lover come and go

I thought I new you better but now it’s plain to see 

you’re lookin’ ‘round for someone else instead of lookin’ ‘round for me


Watchmaker, it’s a sin the way you make me watch you, all the time

Watchmaker, and I’m wonderin’ if I’ll get another view

I simply have to say that I’m in love with you

It drives me crazy especially from this distant view

Sweet, sweet babe give me a bit of yourself

You’ve got me all wound up and tickin’ on your back shelf

Watchmaker, it’s a sin the way you make me watch you, all the time

Watchmaker, and I’m wondrin’ if I’ll get another view

Watchmaker, and the seconds oh so slowly pass by--tick tock tick

Yes you’re a Watchmaker and I’d give my hands to see this time fly

You’ve got to charge my battery, 

It’s a sin the way you make me watch you, all the time

Watchmaker, and I’m wondrin’ if I’ll get another view

L.E.D. readout baby, It’s quite an alarming situation

Won’t you come back to me darlin’, won’t you please come back! 


By: Peter Queal

I look at all the world to see the condition we're in

I can't help but think we could find a different direction

Don't you see that we have chosen this situation?

Can we relieve ourselves from all this pain and frustration?

 You can walk the streets or read it from a page 

All these goons are rushing just to command center stage

There are very few that you can trust or talk to

The whole motivation behind all the crap is to shock you

Into buyin' what they sell, the more hype the more worthless

See it as it is, speak out the profound, we must all come around

I've a very very simple proposition 

That we are ourselves our only true opposition

Truth and honesty are often hard to find

When they're buried deep inside a selfish mind

So ask the perfect question and honestly reply

Feel it as it is, find the common ground, we must all come around

Search into your heart for the will to make life better

Tell it as it is, let your voice resound, we must all come around

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Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 7.59.55 PM.png


By: Peter Queal and Dayna Spencer

While sitting on the edge of summer, on a tour through the zoo

Music playing from the cages, feeling magic I saw you

Dancing and seeing reflections in mirrored eyes 

There were numbers in the air and two hearts took to the skies

Now the red roses are in bloom even when the world is white

And the sun’s forever shining even on a new moon night


Your love has made my life a song...

Me road has taken a new turn, we road is where we’ll be

Greeting each ray of sunshine, love will set us free

The combination has been figured, dreams of a pure heart grow

Call me your love again and again let the river of happiness flow

You’ve made a life a song, you can make the notes so sweet 

And the seasons ore changin’ new challenges to meet

Side by side through thick and thin, savoring thoughts of wondrous times 

Inspiring, desiring thoughts turn into rhymes

With pen flowing from the heart, and notes to help the flow

This song is for you, just wanting to let you know


By: Peter Queal

Morning sun shines brightly on the bow

Sounds of waves beat strong

Sheets that stress and snap under the strain

Seagulls fly along


Sails above are full with wind 

Bending masts bring power to our glide

I smile

We fly

Distant views of stratospheric art 

Ship and soul are one

Men call out from perches up above

Work goes on and on

Icy cold as we go north 

Whales cry out, we try to understand 

An ancient sound

Moonshine vast reflecting off the sea 

Stars to show the way 

Dolphin leap in tandem off the port

Destination free

Deep horizon pulls us in 

Far off lands invite our company

We travel on

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