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Music Workshops:
1. Song-writing:
An overview of the elements of song-writing such as song form, melody, harmony, introductions and endings. (all ages) Participants need pencil and paper and I need a blackboard.
2. Chart-writing: Explaining the written language of musical communication (i.e. the staff, notes, time signatures, musical symbols, chord symbols etc.) and the tools used in communicating musical ideas to other musicians. (For school or community bands and individuals with musical aptitudes) Materials requirements are as listed in activity 1.
3. Guitar workshops: Group or individual instruction for all ability levels. Materials requirements are as listed in activity 1. Bring your guitar.
4. Vocal and performance instruction: Breathing, movement, self expression, and stress reduction techniques for performers. Materials requirements are as listed in activity 1. Bring your performance materials.
5. Brazilian samba: An interactive workshop that teaches the rhythms, instruments, history and spirit of samba. A stick, bottle, block of wood, box, a can of dried beans and you've got fun for all who desire to play rhythms, dance and celebrate in the Brazilian tradition. (grades 7 to adult) Most band-rooms have sufficient implements. I have many instruments and will talk with you about extras that may be used or needed.
6. Salsa class/workshop: The history and culture behind the Latin traditions that contribute to the music we now categorize as "Salsa". From the Cuban "son" to the Venezuelan "vals" the Caribbean basin brings us many elements that are prominent in world popular music. Learn to play several of the instruments that characterize these styles. Peter Queal's latest CD production of; Conjunto Varietal "De Cuba pa' Trinidad" ties in perfectly with this informative, interactive look at Salsa. (grades 7 to adult) Materials requirements are as listed in activity 5.
7. Private or group lessons: Contact me to arrange private or group lessons.

Rate Card:
One day: (up to three of the above activities) $300 plus transportation costs.
Two days: (up to six activities) $500 plus transportation costs.
Three days and beyond: (could involve several schools or towns in your area) Negotiable