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Satisfied Listeners:

"Hey Peter, just heard you on NPR. You sound great. I need a copy of your new record. COOL COOL COOL. Mr. JAZZ."

"Just heard you on NPR; Very nice, sounded Great, good luck with the new CD."

"Peter your CD is wonderful, love it."

"Hey Peter Queal Thanks for sending your new CD. You sound great as usual and the CD is excellent. Hope to play Music with you soon, or Frisbee."

"Sounds great, Pete!"

"I don't need anybody else to tell me it a wonderful CD! Thanks for sharing with me."


"I absolutely love your album. There isn't a song on it that isn't just beautiful. I feel you have showcased your multiple musical talents in a masterful compilation. So proud of you, Peter.

I've intended to tell you this for a while, sorry it has taken so long."

"Looking Good, Peter! I listened to your album again over the weekend. Beautifully Entertaining!"

"Heard your tune "Right or Wrong" on Wyoming Public Radio! Really great feel to it!!"

"Dear Peter The album (“humility”) is fantastic. I like your songs best, but version of falling in love with love is very nice. I remain your humble fan."

"Hi Peter! I am sorting through a big pile of stuff on my desk - one of the things I keep in site is the cover of your CD - Today, I realized that I had not properly thanked you for it! We have all enjoyed it very much. Hope you are having a great summer. Sending much love from Sheridan. Warmly,"

"Hi Peter, It was nice to have you two stop by the gallery the other day. I have been listening to your CD and am most impressed....It was a nice trade. I hope you are getting some comments on the t-shirt. It's a fun one and the image came from Richard Evans life drawing i told you. Learned a lot from that guy. Mainly wanted to see if this email reaches you."

"By the way, I loved your take on on “Nuages” with Bill. Your album speaks well of your skill and love for music and mankind."

"Hi Peter. I bought a copy of your CD from D&L yesterday and have really been enjoying it. It is a great project."

"Hey, I just played your CD while driving out to the mall and back. Fine production! Smart, hip, imaginative, with great musicianship and engineering. (I don't know squat about the latter technology, but I do recognize quality.) Somebody high up in the music biz should hear it. Wishing you every success."

"Dear Mr.Queal Just a short note to say I won the album Tangent “Moments" - or should I say I bid the most for the album, on ebay about 3 months ago. I’d never heard of you, and there was no information about the band on the internet. The seller did however post a clip of the track “Rhythm In Dem Bones”. Well, I was hooked! Brilliant stuff. Definitely a track that’ll be played in my dj set in the future. The more I listen to the album the more it opens up. And the last track on side 2 with the throbbing rolling bass lines, swirling repeat of organ and gentle marimba is just semi-psychedelic bliss. Anyway that’s it. Great job. You’ve just got good music, you should be making bucks! My best regards to Jonathon Whiting"

"Hey, Peter, --------- played me some of your CD, and it seems we're on it. Is that a Yoshi's gig from the 90's? It sounds good."

"Oh, and loved the Lambert Hendricks Ross/Bavan sounding bebop vocal. . .you rock"

"Sounded great, Peter! Thanks so much for sending the email announcement, and congratulations on a great project. So awesome that it got blasted out across the state today....and your cover of "Right or Wrong" is just about one of the best things ever."

"Hey Peter, great interview on NPR! Also, the album is really like the guy said, an amazing amount of diversity and talent. I'm proud to think that Laramie could produce something like that. God Bless,"

"Hey Peter, just listened to your interview and new CD. I need to order two of them - one for me and one for my sister for her stocking. She is a jazz fan! It sounds GREAT and I really enjoyed the interview! Best of luck with the new CD."

"I missed the first few minutes, and I really enjoyed the rest. You sounded relaxed and humble. All the cuts sounded great. How did you get WPR to acknowledge your existence? I'm sure glad that they did."

"Peter, We are listening to the CD right now--FANTASTIC!!!"

"Hey Petie: Great album, I especially like your solo pieces!"

"I love this album by Peter Queal. Listen and buy it!"

"Website is awesome as is your music... Come to Park City and play !!!!"

"Wonderful sounds, Peter. Love your work--of course, I do. . . ."

"Very nice Peter. Looks good and enjoyed the music."

"Worked for me. Website is very nice. Love your music."

"It made me smile today to hear you sing on Wyoming Public Radio."

"Thanks, I love the sultriness of your voice. Great song (Country Heart)"

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