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I write music, arrange it and perform it with a passion. In the past 40 years I've gigged solo and ensemble in the islands of the Caribbean, on the beaches in Brazil, in the wineries of Napa and Mendocino, from Yoshi's in Oakland to Colorado's mountain casinos.
With my voice and guitar, I am seriously dedicated to music and all its wonderful colorations: African, Latin, R & B, Funk and swing styles. I am a trained, experienced professional who can provide a distinctive performance for your club, your convention, your private party, your classroom. I love music, and I'd love to play for you.

I've been a recording engineer for my entire music career and am excited to offer my recordings to you in their highest possible quality!



Cultural Versatility

PETER QUEAL Greeley CO-based jazz guitarist and vocalist, incorporates a multitude of musical styles into his work. Past musical collaborations include his work with Tangent, The Beat Freaks, The Mario Asti Group, Conjunto Varietal, PQBP, Bas Mati, Por Todos, Wyoming Home Grown, Peter Queal and Friends, the Jane Robinett Quartet and performances as a guest artist in conjunction with the Wyoming Arts Council. Music festival performances include the Crested Butte Music Fest, Donkey Creek Jazz Fest, Snowy Range Music Fest, and Nowoodstock. Peter has experience as a music producer for radio and television. Other productions include the CDs "HUMILITY", "Wild Hair", the newly digitally mastered "Moments", the Latin-influenced "Conjunto Varietal-de Cuba pa' Trinidad", "PQBP Live"-a tasteful mix of standard jazz and Latin works with renowned bassist Bill Plummer and "Peter Queal Solo Guitar". Other professional experiences include performances in theatrical productions of "Godspell", "Always Patsy Cline", "A Chorus Line", "The Last Five Years", "Godspell 2011" and "Company" . Venues of note include San Francisco area clubs; the No Name Bar, Uncle Charlie’s, Escovedo’s, Yoshi’s-as well as 15 years of regular summer jazz performances in Centennial WY at the Bear Tree Tavern and the Trading Post restaurant. Peter worked in the Caribbean Islands in bands on both Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Drury University, a Bachelor of Music Education (classical guitar focus) with honors from the University of Wyoming and a Masters Certificate (Guitar) from the Berklee College of Music. Jazz guitar mentors include Ron Cottingham, Steve Kovalcheck, Dave Wiatrolik and Ryan Fourt.



Here are 62 recordings I've been compiling since 1983.



shifting the dominant social and economic paradigms

I've been contemplating the idea of realizing that most people are of good intention and that the prominent "us and them" mentality is subconsciously  perpetuating fear and conflict. I want to change the idea of fear into one of adventure, of learning and sharing.



Contact me for a quote. Video shooting and editing priced at $50 per hour.






Peter has been playing professionally for 4+ decades and is ready to utilize a multitude of musical styles with character and professionalism.


For clubs and parties

•    For larger bands (3 musicians or more) the rate for a local (Greeley CO), 4 hour job is $175 per musician    
•    For a duo a 4 hour job is $400    
•    For a single a 4 hour job is $225    
•    For travel expenses add $.65 per mile-per vehicle (musicians often travel from other locales)  
•    For lodging expenses add $80 per musician, per night    
•    If jobs are booked on an ongoing basis, deduct 25% from the total figure.    
•    For overtime add $30 per musician/hour.


Special Programs

•    I offer wedding service music custom-tailored using guitar and vocal or flute, for an extra $100 fee.
•    For custom music performances (i.e. songs that are not on the song list), prepared music will be charged at the rate of $35 per song.
•    For larger wedding music ensembles add $175 per musician.


Composing music and exploring musical genres

       1. Song-writing: An overview of the elements of song writing such as song form, melody, harmony, introductions and endings.  (all ages) Participants need pencil and paper and I need a blackboard.
        2. Chart-writing: Explaining the written language of musical communication  (i.e. the staff, notes, time signatures, musical symbols, chord symbols etc.) and the tools used in communicating musical ideas to other musicians.  (For school or community bands and individuals with musical aptitudes) Materials requirements are as listed in activity 1.
        3. Guitar workshops*: Group instruction for all ability levels. Materials requirements are as listed in activity number one.  Bring your guitar.
        4. Vocal and performance instruction: Breathing, movement, self-expression, and stress reduction techniques for performers. Materials requirements are as listed in activity 1.  Bring your performance materials.
        5. Brazilian samba: An interactive workshop that teaches the rhythms, instruments, history and spirit of samba.  A stick, bottle, block of wood,  box, a can of dried beans and you've got fun for all who desire to play rhythms, dance and celebrate in the Brazilian tradition.  (grades 7 to adult) Most band-rooms have sufficient implements.  I have many instruments and will talk with you about extras that may be used or needed.
        6.  Salsa class/workshop: The history and culture behind the Latin traditions that contribute to the music we now categorize as “Salsa”.  From the Cuban “son” to the Venezuelan “valse” the Caribbean basin brings us many elements that are prominent in world popular music.  Learn to play several of the instruments that characterize these styles.  Peter Queal’s latest CD production of; Conjunto Varietal “DeCuba pa’Trinidad” ties in perfectly with this informative, interactive look at Salsa (grades 7 to adult). Materials requirements are as listed in activity 5.

        Rate Card
One day: (up to three of the above activities) $250 + mileage (from Greeley CO), lodging and meals.
Two days: (up to six activities) $450 + mileage (from Greeley CO), lodging and meals..
Three days and beyond (could involve schools or towns in your area): Negotiable.

*The guitar is a melodic, harmonic, multi timbral, solo, ensemble, accompaniment, composition/arrangement tool that is inexpensive, portable, low maintenance, relatively quiet, and fun!  Know more about how to play and teach guitar!  If done correctly, students learn in every style.  Play guitar by reading music or tablature, by ear, by example and experimentation. I'll show you how!
Many students want to play the guitar.  An observer/teacher can turn experimentation into concrete technique and musicality to fuel the desire to play music.


Peter Queal

Epitomize humility, learn and share.



Please get in touch and learn more about my music and performance.


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